Metabolic Nutrition

Abbott metabolic products are designed to help meet specialized nutrition needs of infants, children, and adults with inherited metabolic disorders.

Metabolic Nutrition Hero Image
Metabolic Nutrition Hero Image
Metabolic Nutrition Hero Image
Phenex-1 Image Phenex-1 Image


Nutrition support of infants and toddlers with phenylketonuria (PKU) or hyperphenylalaninemia.


Phenex-2 Image Phenex-2 Image


Nutrition support of children and adults with phenylketonuria (PKU) or hyperphenylalaninemia.


RCF Image RCF Image


Nutrition for the dietary management of infants unable to tolerate the type or amount of carbohydrate in milk or conventional infant formulas.


Ketonex-2 Image Ketonex-2 Image


Nutrition support of children and adults with maple syrup urine disease (MSUD).


Propimex-2 Image Propimex-2 Image


Nutrition support of children and adults with propionic or methylmalonic acidemia.


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More Metabolic Formulas

View the entire portfolio of Abbott metabolic formulas.


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Metabolic Resources

Explore information regarding the nutrition needs of those with inherited metabolic disorders. Healthcare professionals should refer to Clinical Resources. Patients and caregivers should refer to Nutrition Resources.

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A Path to Exploring Insurance Coverage Options

Your Metabolic Medical Food may be eligible for insurance coverage. Our Pathway Plus specialists can help you navigate this process to determine if you have coverage and help connect you to a supplier for product delivery.

Each health care provider is ultimately responsible for verifying codes, coverage, and payment policies used to ensure that they are accurate for the services and items provided. Providers should consult with the insurance plan for complete and accurate details concerning documentation for claims. Abbott does not guarantee reimbursement by any third-party insurance plan and will not reimburse physicians or providers for claims denied by third-party insurance plans.

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