Nutrition Care & Doctor Visits

Helping your child receive the nutrition care they need and deserve is a team effort—between you, your little one, and their health care team.

Woman doctor greeting mother and young daughter during office visit
Woman doctor greeting mother and young daughter during office visit
Woman doctor greeting mother and young daughter during office visit

Navigating Doctor Visits

Preparing for each appointment can help optimize your child's care. One way to simplify things is to think of your visit in 3 parts.

Before Your Visit

Every child can benefit from a nutrition care plan, but that's especially true for those with unique nutrition needs and feeding tubes. Don't have a nutrition care plan? Talk with your child's doctor.

  • Review your child's nutrition care plan or tube-feeding nutrition plan.
  • Review your child's medication record.
  • If your child is tube fed, review their tube-feeding monitoring checklist.
  • If there is a specific problem, identify the signs and symptoms, when it started, how you have managed it, and what was the result.

During Your Visit

You may want to take notes during the appointment. Don't hesitate to ask questions about any part of your child's nutrition and care plan.

  • Refer to your child's forms (nutrition care plan, medication record, tube-feeding monitoring checklist) to share information during their doctor's visit.
  • Revise your child's nutrition care plan if changes are made during the visit.
  • Confirm next steps and follow-up.

After Your Visit

Keep tabs on your child's progress post-visit and stay in touch with their doctor.

  • If your child's problem or issue has not resolved within the agreed-upon timeline, contact their physician to discuss other treatment options.
  • Continue using the forms to track your child's progress and to communicate with their doctor.

Insurance Coverage Support

Abbott pediatric specialty nutrition products may be eligible for insurance coverage. Our Pathway Plus* specialists can help you navigate this process.

* Each health care provider is ultimately responsible for verifying codes, coverage, and payment policies used to ensure that they are accurate for the services and items provided. Abbott does not guarantee third-party coverage or payment for Abbott products or reimburse for claims that are denied by third-party payers. Coverage for therapeutic nutrition ultimately will be determined by each patient’s health plan.

Looking for More? We're Here to Help

For more information on our nutrition products, if you have a question, or would like to hear from an Abbott representative, click the button to contact us or call us at <span class="visible-mobile"><a href="tel:800-227-5767" class="button">800-227-5767</a></span><span class="invisible-mobile">800-227-5767</span>.

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