Pediatric Specialty Nutrition

For decades, parents and health care providers have turned to Abbott products to help infants and children get the nutrition they need to grow and develop, as well as help with the dietary management of health conditions.

Pediatric Specialty Nutrition Hero Image
Pediatric Specialty Nutrition Hero Image
Pediatric Specialty Nutrition Hero Image

Health Conditions & Nutrition Support

Nutrition plays a key role in the growth and development of every child. For little ones with health conditions—from malabsorption to food allergies—it can be even more important. That’s where Abbott specialty nutrition products come in. Get to know the products available to your child and talk to their health care providers to see which may help with the dietary management of their condition.

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Tube-Feeding Basics

Are you and your child new to tube feeding? If so, chances are you have questions. These tube-feeding resources can help you understand the basics and get started successfully.

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Nutrition Care & Doctor Visits

Find out what to do before, during, and after appointments to make the most of your visits. Plus, get help navigating the insurance coverage and reimbursement process.

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Looking for More? We're Here to Help

For more information on our nutrition products, if you have a question, or would like to hear from an Abbott representative, click the button to contact us or call us at <span class="visible-mobile"><a href="tel:800-227-5767" class="button">800-227-5767</a></span><span class="invisible-mobile">800-227-5767</span>.